anna Hi how are you Good How are you doing I’m great I’m great The reason why I arranged this interaction was just to just get feedback on your experience with us And and then obviously moving on we’re always happy five years ago when we decided to to look for a place for my parents and myself We were first sharing um renting a room
actually And and we were looking to websites like you know the plot or right to move for all these kind of online websites where you go and you do the specific search and all the properties appeared on the area that you want or the you know the specifics that you really need And I believe was UCLA the one that we found the property with you How did you find that as a tenant It was pretty
easy Honestly Back then I know now it’s a little bit more difficult or different times time has changed but it was pretty easy Honestly I remember it was a saturday We just had the viewing and with you actually you show us around the property and and we decided straight away we send you a quick message later and the whole process is started So it was it was it was easy Honestly It was it was painless That’s good in terms of communicating with
us Was that okay in general You mean during the whole um yeah during the moving process Yeah During the moving process Yeah everything was pretty straightforward But I remember we had a few questions for the landlady and you were always you know in between us communicating trying to give us all the information So it was it was good Yeah definitely We had everything we needed to take the decision uh for five years more
or less We rented for about five years wow time flies Yeah I think that’s my longest actually Really Oh wow So the last room that I was renting it was through an agency Yeah Yeah it wasn’t the owner I did owner before in the past by this the previous moving to the property to your
property It was in an agency Yeah So honestly we had some issues Um we weren’t lucky at all and we decided to move six months later And thank God we kind of put a clause in the contract but we were allowed to move um six months We were allowed to break the contract after six months because we had a lot of issues with them and even afterwards where we move you
know with with your property the properties that you’re managing um we can return with these issues with a little bit of scary situation Honestly not pleasant at all Yeah Some legal funny issues going around to hear that No worries But so so in terms of comparing the two did you find it easier to work to have that experience of having an agency working
between you and the landlord too Oh yeah definitely definitely Well now my experience has completely changed at the beginning Um I didn’t have a good experience and we were pretty scared honestly because of the situation but you know when when we met you and and we ran into your property we were super happy actually That’s why we stayed for five years in there because everything was was so easy and that was that was very nice honestly
And so you know you always have questions about like if we have an issue how are they going to respond You know so when you are living in a place things happen um whatever it can can happen anything Um and and without even I mean not not like like you’re expecting things no so it’s kind of suddenly happened something and you want the agency to be responsive and sometimes when they are not it’s not their
property you could have the feeling that maybe they don’t want to take care of you know because they have lots of properties on their own you know and the managing at the same time Um you’re worried that the the way how they respond they are not the right one because imagine I don’t know you don’t have electricity for any reason or don’t know your freight breakdown or any kind of things like that you really expect you you need salty situations quickly So so I think this is kind of the first worry because the feeling that we have is when
you treat with Holland or Poland lady directly um they kind of take care of their properties and they really want to be responsive No but sometimes you have these these worries No like you expect them um To to help you if there is any issue So that’s I think that’s that’s the worry number one and sometimes as well like miscommunication between they can see and the landlord that could be kind of another one maybe um you know you know like like not being aligned
together and then not taking decisions or whatever um that affects you in the end I think that could be another one but mostly this no they’re taking responsibility for for something that you need you you have a need something has happened and you need someone to solve it Yeah and so actually we were very very happy about so things happen you know Yes we had a few issues
normal you know we had a few issues suddenly things start working you know you know leaking things like that in the drama of the last week Yeah yeah exactly which was a managing agent responsibility and it was just so convoluted trying to resolve the whole issue Exactly so and and there you can see you know that from your side you were all the time they’re informing us it was very nice to have direct conversation on the WhatsApp group all the time you know
any kind of quick call or quick message It was very responsive And at least we know that something sometimes you know if things happen on sunday or saturday it’s difficult to find someone So it takes time but knowing all these situations um it’s kind of being informal feeling No that that is is gonna get solved No out there are alternatives that we have in the meantime So we are we are very happy honestly And the way how um in regards of all the issues that we had
um how how you deal with with them honestly So so if I need to pick one of these three that will be good Yeah that’s why we stayed for five years Otherwise you move there are many properties you know you don’t waste your time Yeah Another thing I wanted to touch on was during Covid Clearly obviously Covid was the last two years has been unprecedented in terms of
everybody’s life How do you honestly um from this perspective I don’t think anything has changed So you carry on we carry on having the same services Um you know and we had to remember we had an issue during Covid and it was solved in the same manner in the same way Um so it didn’t impact us in a negative way at all We carry on
communications and and and anything that had happened It was solved as well So um that was that was very good So it didn’t affect us in a bad way definitely I’m happy to hear that So and then of course another question I’d like to ask is whether you felt that because we’re not local to the property based or a hybrid agency and we manage properties all over London different
not at all because for example just talking again about some issues um you could definitely hire someone you know in the service that we needed and and bring it home So we really didn’t do physically there to solve anything No you were kind of solving the whole situation even and I was thinking now I was remember at the beginning um the first week I don’t know if you remember that we can lock
ourselves outside and they that that was was a very bad experience on a new place and suddenly we got locked ourselves outside because the door just closed behind us even in that moment I remember you know just the day the day after you were going through London to see another property we could meet there we could go the keys Um you know the spare keys that you had for the property and and it was you know it was easy as
well to solve a situation like this You know I can’t even remember that solution but you did it was a trauma for me that was that was very interesting That was a situation that we really need you there and you were there definitely Yeah that’s good Yeah sure So honestly it was a one bedroom flat So
our family has grown We have a little one and the second one coming So it’s just we needed more space We couldn’t get more space on this I have to be honest Then before moving we’ve been checking your website directly and see if you had something around the area as well if you had something that could match our you know our leads and it didn’t happen by chance in that moment But we really need to to move a little bit in a rush but you know in the
future if there is anything we need to let us know for sure But yeah that was basically so we really needed more space and actually we kind of extended um for a long time and as much as we could live in the one bedroom flat Yeah Yeah You know we’re always happy for our tenants to move on to better things you know Yeah Only when so I remember the day I called you to tell you that we were living and I told you I
have two news a bad one and a good one And then say and I ask you which one you wanna know and you say tell me the bad one and I say we are moving and you were so happy I was like that’s not it doesn’t feel it’s a bad one for you You were so happy It’s I’m so excited that we were moving to a new place and that that surprised me honestly the reaction you had and then the good one was that I was pregnant again So it was like both of them was a double whammy
happiness Exactly exactly So that was yeah You know I think it just ties in with my philosophy in life that people cannot be in the same place for the rest of their life and you have to wish them well if they’re moving on to better things You know I obviously see you as a singleton as they say seeing you as a couple seeing you have your first child So I almost feel as if I’m part of the family now and I get very excited
about things Like I remember when you have luna I insisted I had a picture of the baby I hope you can keep sending me pictures of the babies I’m really excited excited that you’re both moving on to better things Growing your family and relationship is just as strong as ever You know um which brings me to wrap this up and conclude and to say to
ask if you had friends I know you actually asked me to send you the link of the property to send to your friends but you know maybe just as a formality would you recommend us to your friends Yeah definitely And as you said as soon as I knew you published the property and I asked you for the link and I shared it with the friends Unfortunately no one was looking at this time and everything You know it needs to happen
Um but definitely Yeah that was the first thing I did because the place is very nice and we were super comfortable for five years and the way how you manage the property as well So I think as a principle we look at the tenants are our customers that without them we don’t have a business I know the landlords provided so we try to marry you know have a balance of those two relationship because number
one you need not just a tenant you need a good reliable tenant Who cares I mean I have to say thank you hugely for caring for that property like your own You know because we haven’t had to do much to re elected which incidentally we have done now We probably have somebody moving in next weekend But yeah we haven’t had to do much Just little bits of touching up here and there So we’re very grateful for for the care you’ve taken off
of the property and and wish you the best of luck Thank you Honestly Yeah And please let me know if you have a 23 bedroom next time we will die It’s a purchase You know as an extra step You know that was the idea

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