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Experience increased rent, better tenants who are willing to pay you every month
and a higher return on investment

We are a boutique letting agency who have a team of legals, building
experts and local area knowledge all at a competitive monthly fee

Complimentary expert legal team | Experienced Quantity surveyor | 100% occupancy during Covid

Are you disappointed by how your investment is being run by your estate agent?

  • Have you have seen an increase in turnover in the last two years?
  • Are your tenants constantly complaining
  • Has the amount of house repairs increased over time
  • You have started to intervene managing the property yourself
  • Are you worried that you are in negative or near negative cash flow
  • Are you planning to sell your property because you aren’t able to
    manager it despite having an agent?

At Homesearch properties, we are a boutique agency who have specialise in managing lettings that in 2020 we achieved 100% occupancy during Covid

Did you know landlords lose roughly £XXX per year due to their managing agent not being competent? (can you estimate how much landlords lose when with a poor agent?)

You need a local and specialist agent who has more experience than just finding tenants Rightmove or Zoopla.

(can you say 2-3 sentences about yourself and some of the most impressive
things you have done, some of the results you have gotten for clients, how
many properties you have managed and how long on average properties are
occupied for)

(Full name, any qualifications you have Founder & owner of Homesearch Properties)

Interested in switching to us but in a contract with another agent?

We have developed the Switch Over Service ( please change the name and
trademark if you can) which enables you to smoothly move over to us without
any paying and fees or any work on your side. Our legal team will look over
your contract and access your options. If you are able to move over we will
cover any costs you incur.

All you have to do is provide us with your contract and we will do the rest.

Hear how other landlords have increased their cashflow by moving to us

(Insert two youtube videos
Add 3 screenshots of happy landlords messages
Add 3 written quotes of happy landlords)

The first step to increasing your ROI through editing your contract

Learn the 4 main contract clauses that ruin your cashflow as a landlord and how to fix them.